About us

Projectnet was one of the first implementation partners of Salesforce in Switzerland. We still regularly support some of the very early customers when it comes to strategic design decisions.
With our first implementations we also discovered a lot of the powerful and reliable Salesforce Plattform™.
We started in 2011 with our first pilot customers to perform demand forecasting on the Salesforce Plattform™. While the first versions were based on the formula and workflow functionality of the Salesforce Plattform™, the latest version of the App4Forecast is natively programmed with Visualforce and APEX, the programming language of the plattform.

App4Forecast constantly recalculates the forecast during the year reflecting unexpected demand changes in an early stage. How App4Forecast works App4Forecast continuously generates the most accurate clustering considering demand patterns and seasonalities. How App4Forecast works How App4Forecast works App4Forecast is a 100% native demand forecasting solution on the Salesforce platform™, that generates an overall forecast for your revenue in the actual and upcoming year. It connects to your existing order history stored in your Salesforce Org. The forecast is adjustable on different levels along your dimensions. App4Forecast is directly connected to any object with the order history in your Salesforce Org, it does not need any 3rd party tool for data loading. How App4Forecast works App4Forecast is easy to configure by your Salesforce Admin following the implementation guide and it does not need any IT Support for the implementation. How App4Forecast works App4Forecast boosts an organisation’s planning process by providing a high quality demand forecast engine with an easy to understand single page app for your analysis and adjustments. Together with the necessary adjustments, e.g. for the biggest deals, ramp-up products or end of life situations, it is an efficient way to create the yearly revenue budget. How App4Forecast works